Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tour De France 2010

Copyright 2010 Rosa Lee

I was recently in Paris for a professional workshop with the Dalvero Academy! It's the first time I've been to Paris! As a young girl I used to imagine going there soaking in the French culture. To experience Paris through drawing made it an even more special experience. We drew at all the major "must see" sites! One of the class for this session was to draw the Tour De France! It was very exciting to imagine drawing this global event. My friends and I got up early to pick our spot to draw at, knowing there would be a large crowd as it got later in the day. Prepared to camp out at our spot we drew everything around us as Paris got ready for the Tour. As the crowds built, our little spot in front of the barricades grew smaller. Pretty soon the crowd had pushed us up against the barricades and I had just started to work on my large panoramic! I didn't know how I was ever going to finish my drawing! I had to work on it one piece at a time and continuously apologize to my two friends on each side of me as I elbowed them while I drew and the crowds pushed up behind us to cheer on their team or country! When the cyclists raced by, my hands and eyes raced alongside to catch this moment on paper! What an unforgettable experience! - Rosa